Canvas (AKA Titan Player)

Interactive Video Platform
Agency: Goviral


This project began as a light hearted conversation with a product director at Goviral about putting easer eggs into online video ads, specifically if we could turn on a cross hair in a call of duty advert by pressing a few secret keys. Off the back of this conversation, I wrote a prototype unit that ran on top of a video advert adding our crosshair and gunshot functionality. The spark was lit and the project grew from there...

From here, the "Canvas" (later to evolve into "Titan") video unit was born. We took this way beyond a gimmicky cross hair and turned the video into a fully immersive unit, plugging in curated social feeds, product photos, addinital videos and mini games around the ad content.

The first clients to pilot test the player were Activision for the Call of Duty launch, Bacardi Dragonberry and Crytek.

I developed the first version of the platform and built the custom players for Bacardi, Activision and Crytek tests. I was also responsible for the launch branding and marketing of the platform.


Development Lead, Head of Creative