Climate Change is #onmyagenda
Agency: circul8


In the run up to the G20 summit in Brisbane, Tony Abbot removed Climate Change as a subject for discussion as he did not want to “cloud discussion on economic issues”. Ironically, Climate change will affect everybody in every walk of life, including the economy. We partnered with WWF, Greenpeace, GetUp, Earth Hour, AYCC, Oxfam, 350, ACR, and 1 Million Women to show that climate change is still on Australia’s Agenda.

- During the campaign, 50k tweets were sent using our trending hashtag #onmyagenda with a reach of over 10.5 million.
- Our thunderclap was released on 14th November by over 3000 people with a reach of 1.6 million.
- 5 attendees of the G20 showed support for our message including Angela Merkel, David Cameron and Barak Obama, with The President Of The EU Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, actually using our hashtag within his tweets.
- Our Campaign was picked up by press and advertising publications alike- most notabley featured in Mumbrella, BandT, 7 News, Brisbane Times and The Guardian.


Creative Director